Emulsifier Finer 150-180

Velati two stages emulsifiers, constructed entirely of stainless steel, are machines designed to refine the product already ground; thanks to the innovative stator-rotor cutting system that allows a high processing efficiency and precision, they are used for various types of food, while maintaining the highest standards in safety and sanitation, ensuring a grain size of the coming out product of 0.2 mm.

Both models of the refiner, FINER150 with outlet mouth of 150 mm in diameter and FINER180 with outlet mouth of 180 mm in di- ameter, thanks to the essential design, work with low levels of vi- bration and noise, and can operate either as a stand-alone ma- chines or in automated production lines, thanks to their great flex- ibility.

The components of cut, rotor-stators installed in the outlet mouth, are individually interchangeable so as to result in a significant re- duction of maintenance costs and minimize the stop time of the machine.