Velati presents a real innovation to optimize costs and to ensure the quality and safety of the meat for the producers of mortadella, salami and sausage.
It is called Evocut and it is a set of plates and knives, worldwide patented, suitable for any grinder with a last up to 6 years.
Every sausages manufacturer knows the importance of the replacement of plates and knives to assure an efficient processing of the meat; the importance of their maintenance is not limited to the efficiency, but it’s also extended to the quality of the grinding and of the final product due to a less wear of them.
Today the manufacturers, in addition to the cost of the plates and knives, which must be often replaced according to the type of processing, also support the ordinary maintenance costs and the consequent stop of the machine.
Therefore, by knowing the importance of this operation, but also the waste of resources and hours of maintenance, Velati research and development team in recent years got cracking at search materials able to guarantee longer last and lower maintenance of plates and knives, in order to reduce substantially ordinary operations costs.
From this research has born Evocut, a set of plates and knives covered worldwide by various patents, atready experienced, and able to revolutionize the food industry for its important characteristics.
Evocut is an unbeatable kit in terms of performance, because it has a last currently tested up to 6 years and it is composed by a maximum of five plates and five knives in the case of mortadella production, or by a knife and a plate, in the case of salami production. It is made of an innovative steel material for food industry with a high hardness and strength, a very low coefficient of friction and a high resistance to wear and corrosion.
Thanks to this, Evocut is employed in industrial production (10/12 ton / h) extending its performance in a time not to be compared with any other product currently on the market, revolutionizing the technology of grinding in the industrial process.
Evocut is a patented system that every producers should have to guarantee productivity and quality of the final product in full compliance with the currently regulations.