Grinder breaker Thor

tritacarne professionale

VelatiTHOR grinder, completely made of stainless steel, repre- sents the latest generation of machine fitted for the medium and large food industry. It is suitable for high-productivity of fresh, chilled and frozen meat, maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety, sanitation and quality of cut. THOR presents a first upper breaking screw and a second lower refining screw, which allow to grind, for example, from a frozen block at -20 ° to a final grain size of 4 mm in a single passage.The final cutting system is the classic one with plates / knives where you can mount up two pair of plates / knives with a diameter of outlet mouth equal to 300mm.The meat grinderTHOR is equip- ped with high-efficiency class motors which can be remotely controlled by an inverter and it can be used individually or placed in an automatic production. The productivity of this model is 15 ton / h, depending on the final grain size.The meat grinder THOR is ideal for any product where it is important to cut precisely the raw material, ensuring high productivity, process continuity and uniformity of the final product.