Salt/Spieces device

dosasale dosaspezie salumi

Velati salt dosing device and spices dosing device, entirely made of stainless steel, are equipped with an high ef ciency class engine with the possibility to operate under inverter frequency in order to improve the dosing’s adjustment.These machines are designed to dose and distribute salt, spices and our on a conveyor belt and thanks to their exibility can be easily inserted in production lines.

Velati produces two different models of salt dosing device and spices dosing device, one with a tank of 115 liters with an inclined worm manually loaded, and a second model with a tank of 300 liters completed of mixing shafts loaded through a lifter device. In the model with the 115 liters tank the product is conveyed by an inclined worm to the dosing mouth, the dosing adjustment is made manually by varying the opening of the discharge or automatically varying the speed of the worm. In the model with the tank of 300 liters, in addition to the same features as the 115 liters model, there are two mixing shafts suitable to keep moved and mixed the product to be dosed.

In both models, it is always possible to install load cells suitable to measure the weight of the spices which are homogeneously distributed on the product being processed.