Sixpi Filler Machine

insaccatrice salumi

Velati multiple piston filler SIXPI, completely made of stainless steel is ideal for filling raw and cooked products of high quality. The construction principle of the filler, first patented by Velati in 1962, consists of a rotating part and six cylinders within which move six pistons.The special coupling between the movement of the pistons in the cylinders and of the rotating part allow a filling which avoids damage and stress of the meat. When cut, the final product is compact and consistent with good distribution and evidence of the grain size of the filled product.
The new SIXPI is equipped with an innovative control system for all phases of the process; thanks to the new design and the particular technique of building, the machine is easily washable in compliance with the hygiene rules.
On the SIXPI filler can be applied all kinds of accessories such as clipping machine, automatic spinners, twisters currently present on the market.