Machine for Sausage Production

For more than 150 years, Velati has established itself in the meat sector with a particularly high degree of specialization in the construction of sausage machines such as salami, mortadella and wurstel.

Machines for Vegetable Production and Sauces

In addition to the meat sector in which Velati has been working for more than 143 years, over the last decade Velati has penetrated the vegetable and sauce market by providing grinding lines for frozen preparations such as mixed vegetable soups. Even in sauces and pasta fillings, they have gained market share thanks to the application of new technologies such as heated and tefloned tanks.


Pharmaceutical and Chemistry

There are several lines and machinery provided for this sector which, in addition to requiring specific requirements, needs machinery built according to the particular certifications stated and issued by the company. Processings can be done both with fresh products such as animal interiors and with dried products such as ect leaves.


Steps ahead have also been made in the confectionery especially for the mixing and filling of some products such as dried biscuits. The care in the construction of the mixing blades and in filling with Fillers with pistons makes it possible to make the machines flexible for every use.


Pet Food

Due to their robustness and high productivity, many machines are used in the growing pet food industry. Grinders/Breakers and Mixers are used in this sector to break and mix the meat, which is then packed in tin or aluminum cans of various sizes.