VSYSTEM the modular software by Velati

VSYSTEM the modular software by Velati

The last month’s newsletter presented VRecipe, our simple weighing system designed to store weighing parameters at the start of production.

Today we would like to describe VSystem, a modular software capable of integrating perfectly with the needs of manufacturers, whether they have simple weighing stations or fully automated lines.

The structure of the application consists of the following features:

A single database collecting all the data of the production process;
Many stations for better efficiency;
Remote Stations for management without limits
Integration with Management Program

Our application allows to track and control raw materials during all production phases ensuring complete product traceability throughout the production process and provides the possibility to create and store recipes by defining the list of ingredients, weight and tolerance.

Furthermore, despite its technological complexity, VSystem is intuitive and easy to use thanks to the touch screen monitor that allows operators to conveniently manage the desired parameters.

Given the features described above, customers have a means that can inform each department in real time about the status of their production and have complete control over each individual batch.