Continous meat cutter

tagliarne continuo

The Velati continuous meat cutter, completely made of stainless steel, has been designed to transform a whole block of meat in meat pieces with a blades system expressly designed to avoid
meat damages and smashing.
A structure of combined blades composed by a swinging guillotine knife and a set of circular knives, allows working the product at different temperatures, cutting both fat and meat, and
reaching a hourly production till 8-10 tons per hour. There are three kinds of meat cutters depending on the working temperature and production needs.
Each Velati’s meat cutter feeding is provided by conveyor belts, its speed being regulated by a speed variator allows to control the hourly production and the cut pieces thickness.
Each Velati’s meat cutter is provided with an inverter for the conveyor belts regulation.
F3 and F4 models are also equipped with touch screen controls and PLC with the possibility of shaping and memorizing different work programs.
Each machine also has an alarm system controlled by a specialelectrical equipment.