Spreading machine

Velati spreading machine, entirely made of stainless steel, is a machinery speci cally used in the salami production, designed to pre-mix and separate the components of each type of meat already minced.
Thanks to the subdivision and uniform separation between fat and lean parts it is possible to achieve signi cant improvements in the aesthetic quality of the nal product.
The spreading machine is fed in continuous by a transporting belt in the upper part, from here the product thanks to the gravity enters into a channel where there are xed and rotating pegs that due to their centrifugal action separate the grain of the ground product in order to make more evident the distinction between lean and fat.This machine allows therefore to create an optical effect of the nal slice in which the homogeneity of the product is visibly recognizable.
The Velati vertical spreading machine is available in various versions: one that directly discharges on a conveyor belt to operate in continuous and a version directly applicable to the outlet mouth of the grinder called ag spreading machine.